24" x 24" General Purpose Drywall Panel with Mud in Flange

24" wide x 24" high

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Our BA-AHD General Purpose Access Door with Flange is the STURDIEST door on the market! This multipurpose access panel can be used throughout commercial buildings. For this reason, many general contractors keep this door in stock due to its versatility. It provides quick access to your walls or ceilings. It's cost-effective, stylish, and simple to install. It blends in beautifully with any flush surface, whether business or residential.

Accurately Measured: When BA-AHD is being manufactured, we take the time to measure carefully. As the saying goes, 'Measure twice and cut once!'. Having the peace of mind knowing that your product will arrive with accurate dimensions allows you to prep for installation, so once the door comes, you can just pop it into place!

Easy to Install: BA-AHD's intelligent design makes it easy to install. You can use it pretty much anywhere - horizontal drywall, non-rated vertical, and lots of other surface types. Its continuous piano hinge and 16-gauge cold steel frame make it one of the most durable panel doors available in the industry. Compared to other flat panels, it also reduces sagging and needs fewer locks, making it hassle-free!

CONVENIENCE: Accurately measured for quick-and-easy installation on fire-rated walls and ceilings.

MULTIPURPOSE: Use this door on any non-rated surface!

ENVIRONMENTAL: LEED V4 compliant - contributes to your ability to achieve LEED certification.

HASSLE-FREE: Provides easy access for hassle-free maintenance and protects building components.

DURABILITY: Solid steel construction adds sturdiness and durability to your commercial building.


Our BA-AHD Flush Universal Access Door with Exposed Flange is designed for quick and easy installation on non-rated vertical and horizontal surfaces made of drywall or any other type of material. Its rounded mitered corners, concealed pin hinge and 3/8" return all around the door make it the sturdiest door on the market. It helps to prevent sagging as compared to flat door panels and requires fewer locks. The door is finished with a high-quality powder coat primer.

Easy to Operate: Once BA-AHD is installed, it doesn't require rocket science to operate – it comes with a no-brainer locking system. This makes it great for conducting regular maintenance in secure areas for commercial buildings – you can also use it in residential settings!

Flush Installation: BA-AHD lays flush with the surface where it's installed so that it's hardly noticeable to passersby. This is great for aesthetic reasons and discourages unauthorized individuals from tampering with essential building components.


• 16-Gauge Cold Rolled Steel Door and 1 1/2" Frame • Hidden Pin Hinge and Rounded Mitered Corners • Screwdriver-operated Cam Latch • Neoprene Gasket • 3/8" Return


Installation: Walls and ceilings Material: Cold rolled steel Locking mechanism: Screwdriver-operated cam latch in cold rolled steel. Hinge: Hot rolled and stamped steel pin hinge Flange: Exposed flange Sizes: Many sizes ranging from 6x6 – 24x24 Frame: 1½" in-depth Rough opening: Door size + ¼ " or + 6mm Finish: High-quality white powder coat primer


BA-AHD is LEED V4 compliant and will contribute directly to your project’s ability to achieve LEED certification.

In Canada: LEED Canada-NC New Construction & Major Renovations LEED Canada-CI Commercial Interiors

In USA: LEED-NC New Construction & Major Renovations LEED for Schools LEED-CI Commercial Interiors


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